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Welcome to The Angelina Jolie Source! An Angelina Jolie web site made up by Angelina Jolie fans just to share Angelina Jolie information! We have a great list of Angelina Jolie Filmography with photos of those movies. Also browse through our Angelina Jolie Photo Gallery with hundreds of images! You are sure to find some great stuff in the Angelina Jolie Picture Gallery! Moreover we are posting many Angelina Jolie TV Interviews which you can watch right here on our web site! As an added feature you can download these Angelina Jolie TV Interviews for your iPod or PSP! Many People also do not realize that many awards have been given to Angelina Jolie! So be sure to inform yourself in the Angelina Jolie Awards section of our website. Enjoy!


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Angelina Jolie is very beautiful and we would like to thank her for her great Talent! Many people consider Angelina Jolie hot and many TV personalities have mentioned that Angelina Jolie is gorgeous! We hope that Angelina Jolie has many more interviews so we can learn more about her and Brad Pitt! Many People have been calling Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Bradgelina and we think this is great! We love seeing Angelina Jolie Photos so we hope that Angelina Jolie does more promotional work.

OMG can you believe that Angelina Jolie is having Twins! TWINS! Angelina and Brad Pitt are going to be great parents to those new twins coming along. I believe the due date for Angelina Jolie's twins are in August. We hope and pray that Angelina Jolie's twins are going to be healthy twins and probably very beautiful twins! We all can't wait to see her progress and how her and Brad Pitt cope with the addition of twins to their family. Yay Twins!





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